DuPage County Illinois Traffic School Program

DuPage County Illinois Traffic School Program

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The DuPage County Illinois traffic safety school can allow drivers to learn more about state road laws, achieve car insurance discounts and potentially dismiss a traffic violation. This online defensive driving classes provide a convenient and quick way for drivers to become familiar with roadway rules and handling dangerous situations while driving. In Illinois, county courts often determine defensive driving course eligibility for drivers facing traffic violations. The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State manages driver’s license administration throughout the state.


How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Illinois Traffic Safety School Course

Traffic school registration is easy when drivers enroll through this portal. To begin the DuPage County Illinois defensive driving course online, drivers can simply click here and follow the three easy steps to for enrollment.


The online Illinois driver improvement course may be used by certain eligible drivers to eliminate points from a driver’s license or remove a ticket and conviction. Taking an IL safe driving course online can reduce a driver’s car insurance rates, because many auto insurance companies offer a discount for graduates. Whether a driver is looking to fix legal issues, save money on car insurance or simply brush up on his or her driving skills, choosing the best online traffic school is easy with the program.


Illinois Court-Ordered Courses

An Illinois driving improvement course may be required as part of a court diversion or court supervision process after a motorist receives a traffic violation. Drivers will need to turn in a driving school certificate to the court within a certain time frame, which can be a challenge for busy drivers. Completing IL traffic school online is simple, and may be an option for drivers who were court-ordered to take a course. Before enrolling in a defensive driving class, a driver should check with the court to see which course will satisfy the court order. When it comes to traffic classes in Illinois, each county in the state has its own requirements and laws about which schools are acceptable and situations in which course completion can help with a conviction.


You must choose one of the following three options:

Pay $120.00 for the fine, fees, and costs, unless the ticket is for:

    • speeding 21-30 mph over the speed limit, then pay $140.00; or
    • failure to wear seat belt, then pay $60.00.

Selection of this option generally results in a conviction which is reported to the Illinois Secretary of State for entry on your public driving record. Violations that will not result in either a report to the Illinois Secretary of State, or, if reported, will not result in a violation that counts toward a suspension of your driver’s license include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • obstruction of traffic
  • unattended vehicle
  • no headlights, when required
  • operating a freight hauling vehicle on a boulevard
  • failure to display state registration plates or city sticker
  • violating a funeral procession
  • opening a vehicle door in traffic
  • following a fire apparatus too closely
  • those listed in the Illinois Vehicle Code at 625 ILCS 5/6-204

If you select Option A, please see Payment Information.

What Can Online Traffic School Do for You?

Our online Illinois driver safety program gives you a quick and easy way to meet any of your safe driving goals.

  • Meet a court requirement for ticket dismissal – With your DuPage County court’s approval, you can take our course to dismiss your traffic violation. Please note that this course is not state-approved for guaranteed ticket dismissal, so you will need to request permission to do so on or before the court date listed on your citation.
  • Reduce your insurance rate – Your insurance provider may offer a discount to customers who complete an Illinois traffic school. Check to see how much you could save with our online course – some providers offer as much as a 10-15% discount!
  • Learn proven defensive driving techniques – As our roads get busier every single day, it’s important to be able to identify potential risks, and know what to do if they happen to you! Utilizing defensive driving skills every time you’re behind the wheel can help you make that split-second decision that keeps you and your loved ones safe.
Drivers may take Traffic Safety School (TSS) twice within a 12-month period (once online and the second time in a classroom). Those who request TSS a third time within a 12-month period are not eligible and will receive a conviction on their driving record and will not receive a TSS refund.
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