Fort Bragg, North Carolina (N.C.) Defensive Driving 4 Hour – 8 Hour NCDOT Clinic

Fort Bragg North Carolina (N.C.) Defensive Driving 4 – 8 Hour NCDOT Clinic Class

Fort Bragg 4 Hour | 8 Hour Traffic Ticket Dismissal Traffic Safety School Course

North Carolina (N.C.) Speeding & Traffic Ticket Dismissal | Insurance Discount Course

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Fort Bragg North Carolina (N.C.) 4 Hour | 8 Hour Online Defensive Driving Course

Don’t Pay the Fine Until You Ask to Take Defensive Driving to Dismiss it First!

If you have to take a 4 hour

| 8 hour

Fort Bragg traffic safety school clinic

, we have a great opportunity for you. Our 4 Hour | 8 Hour Online Traffic Safety Course

is specifically tailored to residents of

North Carolina (N.C.)

. With this course, you’ll learn exactly what you need to pass easily – and since it’s an online course, you’ll never have to go into a classroom.

Log in when you want to

Work on the course from any place

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection

4 Hour |8 Hour Traffic Safety Made Easy

Your 4 hour | 8 hour course is completely self-paced, so you can work through those hours at whatever speed you wish. There are just 8 short chapters, each ending with a 10-question multiple-choice quiz to track how well you’re doing. (And if you’d rather listen to the material than read it, we have an Audio version of the course as well!) You’ll be completely ready for your 25-question final exam, so passing will be a breeze. Plus you only need an 80% to pass the course! If you’re not satisfied with your course in any way, we offer a money-back guarantee. It’s important to note that you can take this course one time per traffic violation.

Defensive Driving Classes are now online for traffic tickets/citations for moving traffic violations such as speeding, running or disregarding a red light or stop sign, following too closely, or a motor vehicle accident. The defensive driving course can remove points from your driving record (DL). You may also take the course for a car/auto insurance discount. In any case, we have everything you need to take care of all of those situations. With this Voluntary or Court-Ordered, Court Referred drivers safety course or DL Point Reduction driver safety courses, you can:

Reduce points on your DL driving record

Dismiss a traffic ticket

Get a car insurance discount

Fort Bragg Area North Carolina (N.C.) Driver Improvement Clinics

Click here for a classroom Fort Bragg North Carolina (N.C.) Driver Improvement Clinic Schedule

You’ll Get a Certificate for Auto/Car Insurance Discounts. Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement Program for Auto Insurance Discounts.

The driver safety course provides a certificate of completion which allows you to fax or mail to your car insurance company for a discount of up to 15% off your existing premiums in many cases. Email this page to a friend or ask your spouse to take this defensive driving course online for a car insurance discount or another car/auto insurance policy discount.