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Lake Charles Speeding, Red Light, Stop Sign, Following Too Closely Citations: Speeding Ticket Fines and Cost

Lake Charles Defensive Driving – Lake Charles Driver Improvement Course. If you receive a traffic ticket in Louisiana, you may get those points removed from your license and/or the ticket dismissed.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, traffic court defendants may have a speeding or moving violation ticket dismissed. You may contest the ticket, pay the ticket, or choose to take a Defensive Driving course, also known as a Louisiana Driver Improvement Class.

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After court approval, simply click the button for Defensive Driving -Driver Improvement Course above, sign up and take the course a little at the time or all at once, your choice. You can sign up and come back to it in your leisure time and work on it as you have time. Most of this course you already know, this course serves as a “refresher” to the knowledge you have gained through both your original licensing and through your driving experience.

Cost of Louisiana Ticket Fines

Statewide in Louisiana, the Fines and costs associated with a speeding or moving traffic violation costs more than taking a simple Defensive Driving Course. Then there’s a strong possibility your car insurance rates will increase. Your Louisiana Drivers License will be accessed “points” though the state of Louisiana.

Normally, Traffic Court receives traffic tickets from police agencies between seven (7) and ten (10) days after a ticket was issued to a motorist. Upon receipt, Traffic Court employees enter the tickets into the Courts computer, and the ticket is immediately available for processing. Please remember that no action can be taken on a specific traffic ticket until it is available for processing on Traffic Courts computer system. Therefore, please wait at least seven (7) days from the ticket issue date before contacting Traffic Court to take action on that traffic citation.

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