Pulaski County, Arkansas Speeding Ticket Cost and Fines

Pulaski County, Arkansas Defensive Driving Course

Speeding Ticket Cost – Traffic Citation Fines

Arkansas Defensive Driving School Cost

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Pulaski County Arkansas – Civil Penalty with Defensive Driving Driving School

: If you have one (1) moving violation on your driving record within the last three (3) years, a valid driver’s license and no failure to appears, you are most likely eligible for this program. You must contact the court’s office to ask for this program. There will be a fine and court costs and you will have to attend a Defensive Driving School. Once you complete these requirements, the charge will be dismissed

and will not go on your state driving record.

Dismiss Your Pulaski County Arkansas Speeding or Traffic Ticket

With the court’s permission, you may be able to dismiss a speeding or traffic violation ticket by completing the Arkansas defensive driving course. Additionally, you may be able to earn an insurance discount on your auto insurance policy for taking the course voluntarily; contact your auto insurance provider for more details.

Most importantly, you’ll get a fun, up-to-date course that serves as an effective refresher for your driving skills. there are video animations and 3D graphics, By taking an Arkansas defensive driving course, you put yourself on the surefooted road to becoming a safer, more responsible driver. You can quickly develop safer driving habits and become a much more confident driver. Pulaski County, Arkansas AAA Discounts and Rewards may apply.

Speeding ticket court fines can cost up to $500 plus additional court fees. The residual effect on a potential auto insurance increase can be even most costly over time. The courts will change a court administrative fee, in most cases, for opting to take the defensive driving course. The cost difference to you will be much less than simply paying fine. Some courts will offer the defendant a deferred disposition or adjudication deferral of fines. This option will cost more than the defensive driving in most cases, and you cannot get the auto insurance discount. The insurance discount can amount to 10% off for up to three years from just one defensive driving class.