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If you have at least 2 points but fewer than 12 points on your driving record, take the

Reynoldsburg Ohio Remedial Traffic School – Defensive Driving Course.

The Reynoldsburg, Ohio Traffic Safety Program TSP remedial course qualifies you for a 2-point credit on your driver’s license. You can reduce points with an online defensive driving course once every 3 years, and you can even take our course up to five times to clear up your driving record. And if that weren’t enough, your auto insurance provider may give you a discount for taking our course.

If you have at least two points but fewer than 12 points on your driving record, you may be eligible to complete a remedial driver course for a twopoint credit. Completing the course does not remove points from your record, but can act as a cushion against future convictions that may take you to 12 points within a two-year period.


If you meet the below listed eligibility requirements, you are not automatically enrolled in the Reynoldsburg TSP Defensive Driving Course. You must appear in traffic arraignment court on the date specified on your ticket and be approved for enrollment by Prosecutor.

For a waiverable ticket you should meet the following requirements:

You have been charged with an eligible offense. What is an “eligible offense”?

You have a satisfactory traffic and criminal record. What is a “satisfactory traffic record”?

You haven’t already taken advantage of the Defensive Driving Course.

You had proof of insurance on the date of the offense or you can meet our requirements for current proof of insurance. What are the “requirements for current proof of insurance”?

You are able to pay court costs.

You complete an approved defensive driving course.

Reynoldsburg Ohio Defensive Driving Course Defensive Driving Class

Eligible offense” includes most Minor Misdemeanor moving violations, but specifically excludes offenses such as: Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, offenses committed in a school or construction zone as defined by statute, Failure to Yield to an Emergency or School vehicle, cases involving accidents, and offenses deemed to be severe infractions. “Eligible offenses” also includes certain Operating Without a License and Driving Under Suspension Charges, but specifically excludes offenses such as: driving under a repeat offender suspension, driving under an OVI or ALS suspension (related to drunk driving), and driving under a drug suspension.

You’ll Get a Certificate for Auto/Car Insurance Discounts. Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement Program for Auto Insurance Discounts.

The driver safety course provides a certificate of completion which allows you to fax or mail to your car insurance company for a discount of up to 15% off your existing premiums in many cases. Email this page to a friend or ask your spouse to take this defensive driving course online for a car insurance discount or another car/auto insurance policy discount.

* Check with your court for traffic diversion, deferred adjudication or disposition deferment requirements prior to taking this course for program rules.