Clinton County, Missouri Driver Improvement Program (DIP) | Traffic Tickets/Citations, DOR Points & Senior Age 55 Insurance Discount

Clinton County, Missouri Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Course

Missouri MSC State Approved Defensive Driving Class

Missouri Department of Revenue DOR Completion Form Automatically Sent to DOR!

Save the Ticket/Citation DL Points Cost PLUS Get the Auto/Car Insurance Discount

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State of Missouri – Clinton County Driver Improvement DIP MSC Approved Class

This course is really fun. You will see fun animated/Cartoon type video animation.

Traffic Citation Drivers License Points Removal and Insurance Discount Course All in One.


Clinton County Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Details:

Clinton County, Missouri Driver Improvement DIP Program Driving Class – Avoiding point assessment on your driver’s license: If you get a traffic citation (traffic ticket) for a moving violation in a county that has authorized the Fine Collection Center (FCC) to approve DIP, and you plead guilty and pay your fine and costs in full to the FCC, you will automatically be approved to attend an authorized Missouri Driver Improvement Program course to avoid having points assessed on your Missouri DOR driver’s license record. However, this program is not available for a violation committed in a commercial motor vehicle or for any driver who has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from Missouri or any other state. Attendance at DIP is not mandatory. If you choose to attend DIP, you must complete an approved DIP course within 60 days of your guilty plea.

Your certificate of completion will automatically be sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR)! The DOR requires us to forward the completion of the online DIP certificate of completion and all you need to do is simply take the online course itself.

The Clinton County, MO DIP course or Motorcycle Rider Course you attend will need to know the following to provide proof of course completions to DOR:

1. Court Originator Number: MOOSCAFCC

2. Court Name: Fine Collection Center

3. Court Case Number: Your traffic citation number found at top of citation

4. Conviction Date: Can be obtained on Missouri by entering your citation number in the case number search field. When your case comes up on the screen, click on the case number block. This will bring up the case header screen. Under disposition you will see “guilty plea” if your guilty plea has been processed. If the disposition is guilty plea, check the disposition date. This is the conviction date you will need. If the disposition reads “not disposed” your guilty plea is still pending. This could be because FCC has not processed your payment yet. It could also be because FCC has received your payment but has not yet received the original ticket from the law enforcement agency. You can not take a DIP course before you have the date of your conviction to provide to the course. Remember, you have 60 days after the conviction date to complete the course. If you can’t access the Internet or need help call FCC at (877) 866-3926 to obtain the information you need.

You Also Get a Certificate for Safe Drivers Auto/Car Insurance Discounts. Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement Program for Auto Insurance Discounts.

The course provides a certificate of completion which allows you to fax or mail to your car insurance company for a discount of up to 10% off your existing premiums in many cases. Email this page to a friend or ask your spouse to take this Driver Improvement Program (DIP) course online for a car insurance discount or an extra car/auto insurance policy discount.

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