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Yonkers NY PIRP IPIRP Point Insurance Reduction Classes


Defensive Driving/Accident Prevention Courses

New York PIRP Point Reduction DSC – DDC Program

Yonkers P.I.R.P., i-P.I.R.P Course for Tickets and Driving Points Removal.

An “I Drive Safely, LLC” NY Limited Time Discounted


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New York Seniors Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course (Below).

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Yonkers NY PIRP IPIRP Defensive Driving Course

Reduce points and car insurance premium rates


The NY Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)

PIRP is also known as the Defensive Driving Course or Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course. It is a comprehensive driver safety course which provides knowledge and techniques for safe and lawful driving.  Private companies and organizations all over the state offer the course.  To be approved by DMV, courses must meet strict standards for the type of information presented and program effectiveness.


What are the benefits of taking a Defensive Driving/Accident Prevention course?

Completing an approved PIRP course will

  • refresh your driving knowledge

  • help to prevent you from losing your license in the event you accrued 11 or more points on your driving record

    • 4 points are ‘deducted’ for the purposes of calculating

      a suspension if you have 11 or more points

    • the tickets/points do not physically come off your driving record, but deducted from the record

    • learn about the New York State driving record point system

  • Change the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums 10% each year for three years

The Yonkers Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP), approved by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles is available here online. Our PIRP course meets strict standards for the safe driving information presented and program effectiveness. If you complete an approved PIRP course:

  1. It will help refresh your driving knowledge with a review of time-tested safe driving tips and an overview of today’s vehicle and traffic laws.

  2. Save as many as four (4) points on your driving record. The NY DMV computer will automatically note your eligibility to receive the reduction.

  3. If you are the principal operator of a motor vehicle, you will receive at least a 10% reduction in the base rate of your automobile and motorcycle liability and collision insurance premiums each year for three years.

In Yonkers, if you have received a traffic ticket/citation for speeding, in a motor vehicle accident, running a red light, following too closely or any other civil citation for moving violations you should take a driving school course or PIRP. Contact your attorney or the court if you wish to attend a traffic school or a PIRP defensive driving school class. Then click on New York driving school course button above for the cost of the defensive driving school online class. This course is taken in you spare time. You register and sign up for the driving school course then complete the driving course at your own convenience. You can complete it all at once or a little at a time. You choose your own schedule.

Yonkers Senior Citizen, Mature Driver, 55 Alive courses are also approved for insurance discounts. Many states mandate the auto/car insurance companies provide such a discount of anywhere between 5%-15%.

PIRP courses are state authorized and online for most states. In some states, traffic schools such as driver improvement programs and accident prevention courses are ideal for dismissing a traffic ticket/citation for a motor vehicle moving violation and other minor traffic offenses. Speeding tickets are the most often common offenses which result in traffic fines or driving safety deferrals. A deferred adjudication or deferred judgement is a probation because a judge or court official authorizes the deferral of the fine. If a defendant remains on probation, usually 6 months to a year without getting a second charge, the case is dismissed. Many courts will ask the violator to take a defensive driving or driver improvement course in lieu of the fine and instead of a conviction record on the drivers license.

Yonkers Mature Driver Car Insurance Discount & Refresher

Refresh Your Driving Knowledge and Save up to $400 on Your Car and Auto Insurance

  • Earn an immediate discount on your auto insurance

  • 100% online – take the course around your schedule

  • Available 24/7 – take the course when you’re ready

  • Approved by the state of New York DMV

Yonkers NY PIRP IPIRP Defensive Driving School